Lusk Detention Centre

Project Name: Lusk Detention Centre
Main Contractor: BAM Contractors

Lusk Detention Centre will provide secure accommodation for children detained by the Courts, and will be completed in two phases, and will include individual residential units, educational and recreation facilities. Ancillary administration, staff, catering, laundry, visiting admissions, medical, maintenance and waste handling facilities, of approximately 23,000 sq.m. internal floor area in total and a grass football pitch with low intensity lighting will also be incorporated.

Phase 1 will provide 80 places and phase 2 will provide 60 places.

The existing Trinity House, Cuan Beag and Step Down House units on site will be retained, to bring the total number of secure places on site to 167. The existing Oberstown Boys and Oberstown Girls units will be demolished, prior to completion of the final phase of the development.

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